Sunday, December 2, 2012

IDIOTS - Review

IDIOTS - Review


Genre: Comedy/Romance/Drama

Banner: Sangeeth Sivan Productions

Dir: K S Bava

Music: Nandhu Kartha

Cinematographer: P K Varma

Cast: Asif Ali, Sanusha, Baburaj

DID YOU KNOW? This has been packaged in the style of some fast paced Hollywood thriller comedy. You have any clues where is the inspiration?

THE PLOT: A purdah-clad girl (Sanusha) approaches a stupid don. She would give some cool lakhs for killing the girl in the photo that she shows him. Now, we soon learn that the girl had actually given the quotation to kill herself! The don entrusts the duty with a juice stall owner (Baburaj), who can’t kill even a rat. In between, the hero (Asif Ali) appears out of the blue, as he tries to rob the girl’s apartment. The idiotic journey that happens in a night begins.

THE REVIEW: If you set your mind to watch a brainless comedy, well, this movie can be fine in parts. It has been presented in a fine way. But things look terribly idiotic most of the times.

Asif Ali continues with his bad acting and giving him a real competition is Sanusha, who could be the worst actor in the business right now, if her show in Idiots is considered. She wins the ‘who’s the worst actor’ competition here hands down. Baburaj repeats his Salt N’ Pepper act, but is good at times.

Why waste time on this film, unfortunately named Idiots?



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