Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Balachandra Menon criticizes the ‘bold’ new wave films

Balachandra Menon

Is there something called ‘new generation’ cinema? Well, you can agree or disagree but a huge group of filmmakers and film aficionados are coming out with some whacky experiments in the guise of ‘New Gen’ films. Good if it is all in the right direction. But all these filmmakers are bothered about are in adding expletives and titillations under the guise of ‘bold’ experiments. There have been some recent films, which had highly offensive scenes and dialogues but went on to become successful.

It is in this context that veteran filmmaker Balachandra Menon decided to lash out at these pseudo attempts. According to him, it is ridiculous to show what you do inside the privacy of your toilet and bedrooms, on screen. He cited an example, which said it all.

“If a silly donkey decided to stand in front of a speeding train, how can it be called ‘boldness’?” he asked.

The donkeys should answer now.


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