Monday, September 24, 2012


Trivandrum Lodge Review


Dir: V K Prakash

Camera: Pradeep Nair

Music: M Jayachandran

Cast: Anoop Menon, Jayasurya, Dhwani, Bhavana

FACTFILE: V K Prakash had directed the film Beautiful, scripted by Anoop Menon and with Jayasurya in the lead, last year. The film was a big hit. The trio has come together once again to repeat the magic. Dhwani was earlier known as Honey Rose. She was launched by Vinayan some years before and has been doing some Tamil films.

THE PLOT: Dhwani Nambiar (Dhwani) is all set to write a book on Kochi. She is enjoying her freedom after a terrible marriage and she is ready to exploit her sexual fantasies. She finds a place in a clumsy lodge, called ‘Trivandrum Lodge’, owned by a rich businessman named Ravi Sankar (Anoop Menon). The inmates there are some genuinely modest people. Abdu (Jayasurya) is a recluse, who is eager to get laid. Then there are some equally frustrated men of all ages in the lodge and even more, including the housewife played by Devi Ajith and the prostitute played by Thesni Khan.

THE REVIEW: Beautiful was bold. But with Trivandrum Lodge it is sheer arrogance and the courage to getaway with virtually anything under the pretext of being “bold”. But how can this be termed bold? This is perversion, nothing less.

Every dialogue has been written to titillate the frustrated ones sitting inside the cinema hall. Of course, the visuals and music are fine but the only surprising thing about this extremely objectionable film is on how did the makers to manage to get it pass with a UA certificate instead of an A certificate for its obscene and irritatingly vulgar dialogues?

Not for the families. Only the highly frustrated may go for this one. The rest can skip this crap.



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