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Dir: Sathyan Anthikkad

Camera: Venu

Music: Ilayaraja

Cast: Namitha Pramod, Nivin Pauly, Nedumudi Venu

FACTFILE: Puthiya Theerangal was announced as a romantic tale between a young girl and an old man, who treats her as his own daughter. As per rumours, after Nivin Pauly’s success in Thattathin Marayathu the storyline was altered and the young hero was given more importance. Sathyan has been writing his own scripts for a while now and here, he has directed the film, which has been scripted by Benny P Nayarambalam.

THE PLOT: Thamara (Namitha Pramod) is an orphaned young girl living in a seaside village. Her neighbor Mohanan (Nivin Pauly) loves her but as it happens with most romantic stories in films, he doesn’t have the courage to reveal his feelings. Sometime in between, Thamara adopts an old man named K P (Nedumudi Venu), whose whereabouts are unknown to all.

THE REVIEW: The first thing that will comes to anyone’s mind as the end titles start rolling for this disturbingly boring film is the doubt on what made director Sathyan Anthikkad to go ahead with this project!

A really ordinary story, which won’t excite the viewers a bit and is a failure on all accounts. That is Puthiya Theerangal for you. Bad script and execution, ordinary visuals and jaded music. Nedumudi Venu hams it up while Nivin Pauly comes up with an amateurish show. Namitha Pramod has nothing much to do but she impresses with her screen presence.

A forgettable misadventure from one of the most consistent directors in Malayalam cinema ever.



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