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Chattakkari - Review


Dir: Santhosh Sethumadhavan

Camera: Vinod Ellampilly

Music: M Jayachandran

Cast: Shamna Kasim, Hemanth

FACTFILE: Chattakkari was originally made in 1974 by director K S Sethumadhavan, based on Pamman’s novel, scripted by Thoppil Bhasi. The film was a big hit and was made in Hindi as Julie in the following year. Both the films had Lakshmi in the lead role of an Anglo Indian girl named Julie. The film was known for its bold content, intimate scenes and also for its intense emotional content.

The new version has been directed by Sethumadhavan’s son, Santhosh. Revathy Kalamandir, who seems to have made remaking titillating films (Neelathamara and Rathinirvedam are earlier examples) a habit, has evidently gone behind this one for the same reason.

Shamna Kasim plays Julie, while Hemanth gets into Mohan’s shoes. Harikrishnan plays the silent lover, played by M G Soman in the original.

THE PLOT: Julie (Shamna Kasim) is a beautiful Anglo Indian girl, living in a picturesque hill station with her dad Morris (Innocent), an engine driver, mom Margaret (Suvarna Mathew) and siblings. Richard (Harikrishnan) is her friend and deeply in love with her. But she has eyes only for her friend Usha’s brother Sasi Warrier (Hemanth). The two share some intimate moments and the girl becomes pregnant. All those nice moments suddenly seem to end, as they have to face some stark realities of life.

THE REVIEW: It’s the same old tale with no real difference. No additions to the story and worse still, the emotional aspects take a backseat. This one has been made to show the girl in itsy-bitsy costumes and for some intimate scenes. And even on that account, this one is a disappointment.

Santhosh Sethumadhavan doesn’t show much of a talent, but Vinod Ellampilly’s visuals and M Jayachandran’s music make this film, watchable in parts.

Shamna Kasim is good and so is Suvarna Mathew. Innocent is perhaps the biggest misfit and he repeats his trademark style, trying to pass it on as Anglo Indian. Hemanth is boring and Harikrishnan has nothing much to do other than go around in a bicycle.

Watch the original, if you are a genuine movie buff!

RATING: 1.5/5


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