Sunday, September 16, 2012


Bhoopadathil Illatha Oridam - Review


Dir: Joe Chalissery

Camera: Sameer Haq

Music: Mohan Sithara

Cast: Sreenivasan, Nivin Pauly, Iniya, Rajasri

FACTFILE: Bhoopadathil Illatha Oridam was announced with Sreenivasan and Rajasri in the lead. Nivin Pauly was penciled in to play a brief appearance. Then Thattathin Marayathu happened and the youngster became a sensation. And Bhoopadathil Illatha Oridam suddenly was marketed as a Nivin Pauly film!

THE PLOT: Madhavankutty (Sreenivasan) is a schoolteacher in a sleepy village. His beautiful wife Vimala (Rajasri) is always in full makeup, that too with a pink colored lipstick, even while searching for her missing husband. Murali (Nivin Pauly) is a jobless youth in love with a maid named Bhama (Iniya).

After a theft happens in the village, the sub inspector Idiculla (Innocent) and panchayat president Ezhuthachan (Nedumudi Venu) threatens Madhavankutty with dire consequences, if he doesn’t agree to be a witness for the crime. That is even before the culprits are nabbed!

THE REVIEW: Surprisingly inane and amateurishly executed, Bhoopadathil Illatha Oridam surprises you only with its absurdity. Experienced actors like Nedumudi Venu and Sreenivasan make fools of themselves in ridiculous roles. Nivin Pauly needs to be careful about his selection of films. Iniya and Rajasri overact like there is no tomorrow. Innocent seems to have taken his stature as a comedian a bit too seriously and he says expletives to make people laugh.

A silly film and a sheer waste of time. Even a review on this film would need more efforts than making this one.



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